Music is a challenge

The Challenges Of Being A Musician

Being a musician no doubt comes with its share of challenges. Back in the day the biggest challenge was getting the word out about your music. You first had to create a demo and then you had to shop it to as many record labels as you possibly could. But these days those two challenges have been all but eliminated.

This thanks to the internet and the new digital world we live in. Quite honestly, you no longer need a record label to get your music out. As a matter of fact, I would strongly advise against going that route. These days all you need is Youtube & Facebook. Some of the hottest artists of this generation have been discovered thanks to social media.

If you learn how to use it the right way you can build a huge fan base and start selling your own music through platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and GooglePlay.

So building a fan base and having your music distributed is no longer a big challenge. These days the biggest challenge of being a musician is finding hot tracks to lay your lyrics over. Most artists are just artists. They don't know how to produce their own music.

But when you really think about it, that's no longer a challenge either. You see, you don't need to pay millions to get a hot track from one of the hottest producers in the world. These days you can buy some of the hottest tracks right online.

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