Need Lyrics?

Ghostwriters & Hip Hop Music

As an up and coming hip hop artist your lyrics can prove to be your most valuable asset. Yes it greats to have a hot beat, but if the lyrics are whack no one will want to listen. That's why it is so important you take your time when writing your lyrics. Don't rush through it.

Now if you have been at this for any amount of time you know writing lyrics can sometimes be very difficult. Especially if you have been in the lab all day working on music. Sometimes your brain just stops and you can't think of anything to write. Or maybe you are writing but it doesn't quite give you the vibe you are looking to create.

Well there really is a simple solution to this very common problem. Ghostwriters! Whether you are experiencing writers block or just looking for some sick lyrics a ghostwriter can help. I know you are probably thinking there is no way you can let someone else write your lyrics for you. After all, all the greatest MC's wrote their own lyrics right? Wrong!

You would probably be surprised how many of the hottest MC's use Ghostwriters. From Diddy to Dr. Dre they have all used ghostwriters. If those two very successful music producers can use ghostwriters why can't you? Using a ghostwriter is not a bad thing.

It is actually a very smart thing. As stated before, your lyrics can prove to be your most valuable asset. Just think about some of your favorite songs you haven't heard in years. When they come on the radio you still remember all the words. That's because the lyrics grabbed your attention and made you listen. That's how you want your music to be.

You want people to remember your lyrics for years to come. You want your lyrics to be so prolific it makes people shake their heads and close their eyes cause they are feeling it so much. A ghostwriter can help you do that. A ghostwriter can write lyrics that make you stand out in the crowd. They can write that one hit for you that will propel your career into the stratosphere.

So now the question is how much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter? Well that really depends on who you hire. Here are FarmBoy Beats we pride ourselves on offering the best ghostwriting services at the best possible price. We know what its like to be a struggling artist.

But let me be totally honest with you here. In this industry you get what you pay for. While we aren't the most expensive, we aren't the cheapest either. We only want to work with artists who are serious about taking their music to a whole new level.

We have some of the best writers and will write something that is catered to you and your music. I produce hip hop, r & b and underground music. So no matter what your style, we can write it for you. To learn more about our ghostwriting service please contact us @